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Are you raising the kind of kids you've always wanted, or are you waiting and hoping everything will be fine? Do you understand that children are gift from God to parents, and like every other gift, there are both privileges and responsibilities resulting from this gift?

And not withstanding how rich we are money-wise or how successful we are career-wise, if we fail in our responsibilities as parents, we've failed in our main assignment on earth . . . Yes! Our children are the meter-rule by which our true success in life will finally be measured. So family first, before dream chasing.

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Like every other thing in life, what you sow into children is what you reap from them. If you sow carefully and with commitment, you will reap the benefits of a successful parent who raised responsible children. And if you sow carelessly, you will surely reap frustration. If you allow others to train your kids for you, you will surely reap the disappointments of mismanagement. But if you take it upon yourself and understand that your kids are your primary responsibility here on earth, and then train them with the right parenting principles, you will surely reap the product of your commitment in due time.

Admittedly, in our society today, it's not easy to raise responsible children and there is practically no other job that's more demanding than raising children, but it's worth the effort. However, there are certain principles that will shorten the learning curves for you and save you the agony of trial and error. These principles are what you will be discovering in the pages of my latest book titled "Successful Parenting Secrets" (ISBN 978-978-931-591-8). This book touches virtually every aspect of child management and training. The contents are practical and real. You will get answers to parenting issues you face everyday. It is written with openness, with real stories from real parents like you. It's easy to read and straight to point. Each topic is well illustrated with related real life stories.

Successful Parenting Secrets

. . . If you would like to make your experience as a parent very fulfilling, if you would like to be someone other parents would look up to and admire your success as a family person, if you would like to someday look back to the days when you were raising your kids and smile with pride, then this "Successful Parenting Secrets" (ISBN 978-978-931-591-8) is a must for you.


What this Successful Parenting Secrets book contains

The followings are glimpses of what you are going to discover inside the pages of this "Successful Parenting Secrets" when you have your copy.
  • What parents should understand about child management and training
  • What parents should understand about parental authority
  • What parents should understand about exercising parental authority
  • What parents should know about establishing parental authority
  • What parents should understand about corporal punishment
  • How to apply gentle measure in the training of children
  • Why children disobey
  • What parents should understand about the disobedience of children
  • How parents should handle the disobedience of their children
  • What parents should understand about punishing children
  • How punishment should be designed by parents
  • How to handle wilful disobedience by children
  • When children should not be punished
  • How to encourage obedience in children through rewards
  • How to encourage obedience through commendation and encouragement
  • How to understand and handle the faults of immaturity in children
  • How to develope the power of imagination in children
  • How to raise truthful children
  • How to develope the power of reasoning in children
  • How to use home chores and train children to be responsible
  • How to handle the wishes and request of children
  • How to use children's question to develop their mental powers
  • How to nuture the spirit of gratitude in children
  • How to manage the activities of children
  • How to give advice to children
  • How to modify the behaviour of a child
  • How to train children on the use of money

. . . and many more!

These are just the tip of the iceberg compared to what you will discover in the pages of this book. This book contains 23 chapter and a total of 218 pages of quality contents. This book is dedicated to "All the Nigerian parents who are doing their best to raise us a better society"

. . . Reviews from other readers
Nwagba Ugochukwu

"I've started reading your book since sunday. Very qualitative. Will call you later because I will like to order some copies for my friends"
. . . Mr. Nwagba Ugochukwu (MD Nahere Ltd, Ilupeju, Lagos)

Mr Bayo Coker
"Before I came across your book, I don't read Nigerian books. But now, your book has changed my mindset about Nigerian Authors. Sure, a lot of research has gone into this Successful Parenting Secrets. Thanks once more!"
. . . Mr. Adebayo Coker (Ejigbo, Lagos)
Barrister Igod
"This is one book you must read if you truly love your kids and want to give them the best parenting. It reveals so many things I've not really thought let alone understood about my son. I'm so proud and lucky having a copy"
. . . Barrister Igodo (Maitama Abuja)
Daniel Emmanuel Aloaye "Parenting is daily and a book like this should serve as a tonic"
. . . Mr. Daniel Emmanuel Aloaye (Ikeja Lagos)

I'm looking forward to your own review either through text message or email, once you have your copy. Please, note that your review will be posted on this site. Thank You!


Your Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, I am so confident that you will love this book. For that, I'm making it risk-free for you to try for a whole 30 days. If after reading this book and you're not satisfied with the content for whatever reason, just call the phone number at the back cover of the book and I will give you your money back in full. This is one book you will be consulting and making reference to on daily basis. Infact, 50% of people who bought this book have called me back to buy for their friends and families, even before finishing the book. And I'm sure you will when you read it.


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